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What are you addicted too? What's really eating you at the root? There are so many Emotional Issues that if not dealt with end up turning into an Addictive Behavior in order to Sub-press the real issue of whats eating you.

Example: If you didn't deal with the child molestation of your past one can end up turning to drugs, sex, promiscuity, food, etc to try to escape the pain of what happened to you. you never dealt with the issue but pushed it down with food or a drug, even CIGARETTES.

OBVIOUSLY what you are doing is temporarily coating the problem or issue but you never sought counseling for it or ever told anybody what eve happened to you, so the struggle is real but it is suppressed.

You have to forgive yourself and the others that hurt you in order to move on and become healed from the inside out. Mind, Boy, and Soul is the Total Man. It's not just about FOOD. It's not just about that VICODIN DRUG. It's not just about that SEXUAL DEMON. It's about WHATS REALLY EATING AT YOUR EMOTIONS. YOUR CORE BEING!

I will be getting into Real Issues on this Site so STAY TUNED!

Giving you something to Think About!

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