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Ageless Beauties

I am age 59. I am a proud Grandmother of 15 and have 1 Great Granddaughter now. I can't believe that I am at this age. I remember when I couldn't wait to have my Sweet 16 birthday party. Wow! Where did time go?

Even though I now have some wrinkles forming and my skin isn't the way that it used to be, real tight; what I am learning now as Time keeps on ticking is that my Inner beauty makes me feel like an Ageless Beauty! The outside of me will fade as far as looks are concerned but what I gain from my Spirit Man is Eternal.

You can buy looks as far as Botox, Liposuction, Face-Lift, Tummy Tucks, More hair added, but what no money or surgery can buy is my Relationship with Jesus Christ. He brings out the sparkle on the inside of me. He makes me radiate even on the worst day. He makes me feel good about myself.

I just had a dream and what I remember was this lady saying to me that she had a message for me from the Lord, and of course I was wondering what she would say, or was it even a word from the Lord or how she personally felt about me or wanted to say. But when she began to speak; All she said was "You Are Beautiful"

I was stunned, because I said. "Oh Really", and she said: "Yes". What I had learned from this dream was that the Lord was telling me that I am beautiful in His sight and in His eyes. Sometimes I think about my age 59 and think that I look old and run down, therefore I need to enhance my looks or features. So I just purchased another wig while I am working on my natural hair growth and health. But the Lord sees me as already beautiful and that I don't have to try to make myself what I already am.

This brought tears to my eyes because I value how the Lord feels about me. I know that I am overweight and that I may not look the part anymore, but the Lord is saying that I am good enough already. I don't have to prove anything to anyone. Just be myself. Self Image can be devastating if you are looking for a particular look and constantly try to keep up that look.

What God is saying to me is to not worrying about my outward appearance so much as to continue to keep my Spirit Man Beautiful. Keep on encouraging people. Keep on sharing your testimony and making people smile and even laugh because that is your Inner Beauty Shining Through and it is what makes you Most Attractive.

So many people may have their outward man in tip top shape, but on the inside they stink. They have no morals, no compassion for others, don't want to be a blessing to anyone and don't care about nobody but themselves. Self Centered. But I am so glad that the Lord gave me a Caring and Compassionate Spirit. I just love encouraging people of all races, all ages.

God has taken what mess that I have gone through and still face and is turning it into a VICTORY. I am an Over-comer, A Winner, More than a Conqueror already. He sees the Best in me when others may just be looking at the outward man. Because I am not the ideal body size but in Gods eyes I am just BEAUTIFUL . I am so encouraged and inspired to be Mrs Donna.

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