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Always Verbal Attacks

She wants peace at home, but all she gets is a yelling spouse. Whether Verbal or Physical Abuse, it is still abuse. She wants to be free from this man, but she has invested so much into the relationship that she can't just leave.

Love shouldn't hurt but many times there are problems that wasn't dealt with in the past that surface. Unresolved past relationship hurt, and betrayal. He keeps blaming you for everything that goes wrong with his day, even though you know that you haven't done anything to provoke his anger.

Constant negative emotions is a sign of Depression, Stress,Oppression, Anxieties, Worries that have not been dealt with. So the only thing that they know is to hurt those that are closest to them. They are insecure and resent how people have hurt them in their past so they just hurt other people. Why? Because Hurt people Hurt other people to make themselves feel powerful, but deep down inside they are WIMPS. A child that is in need of help.

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