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Create Wealth and Healing

Tell your story. What God has placed down on the inside of me is meant for me to share with the world. My Ministry is my life. I have been through so much in my life, that the Lord commands me to share my experiences so that others can learn from me and be healed from the inside out.

Books are a way for me to share my story with the world, as well as do plays, skits, speaking engagements, etc. So you will be hearing more from me about what the Lord is having me to do. I have already gotten one book published. Laughter in the Rain, by Donna L. Hall. It is on Amazon for your to purchase or download on your phone.

This particular book is some of the writings that the Lord has given me about subject matters that I have learned or endured from the past that has helped me heal and learn from my experiences. I have many more Books that need to be published as well as doing plays, skits, and storytelling speaking messages for the world to hear and see.

Laughter in the Rain is a powerful book for you to look into and visit some of the many subject matters that I am experienced to write about. It is only a few of the many things that I need to share with the world about what I have been through and how the Lord has helped me to process that issue.

To purchase this Book. Please visit Amazon. You can also purchase it from me through my CashApp. Find me on Facebook by typing my Hashtag. #MrsDonna My Home page is Donna Hall from Wilmington, Delaware a black female age 62 now. Look for my photo to find the right Donna Hall.

Behold God has given me the power to create Wealth and Healing by sharing my story. I hope that you take part in my Journey by following me also on Facebook. As well as Subscribing to my 3 youtube channels which are Donna Hall8117. thelifeofmrsdonnalhall and Grandma Donnas Wisdom Bites and Hit the Subscribe Button to help support me and please share them with your family and friends.

I have so much more to tell so please sign up to this website by adding your email address as well as like and comment on the posts that are here. I will be getting this website updated and adding more things to make it more professional. I am still learning. I am a Great Grandma. I have 19 grandchildren now and 2 Great Granddaughters.

Always feel free to donate and be a blessing if you feel led to help me spread my testimonies to help the world heal. Love you all. #MrsDonna which is my Brand name. Along with 302 358-5061 is my direct number and 302 365-7330 is my .business number to set up an appointment for one on one Personal Advice Talk/Help. I Live in Wilmington, Delaware 1 302 Area Code. United States of America

By telling my Story to the World,

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