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Curvy Thick Vivacious Woman of Substance

Updated: Apr 21

My Group is to Celebrate Women who are not a size 2, 4, 6, or 8. We are often looked down upon because we don't fit the Standard Vogue Model Image. Our World has placed Values on what a person's size is supposed to look and be like. Our children are growing up feeling like from a child that they have to starve themselves to be accepted or fit in. They want to look just like the women on the magazine covers.

This tends to lower one's self-esteem at an early age. Looking to constantly maintain perfect body size, becoming bulimic and anorexic just to try to be thin. But I have created a group on Facebook which is called Curvy Thick Vivacious Woman of Substance by me Donna Hall to teach the Woman that her curves are not a SIN. She is a complete and whole woman already. She will be accepted and not put down on my group for her size.

Thick Curvy Vivacious Woman of Substance is Not a Dating Site. It is a group that will teach others how to compliment and appreciate women that are curvy. You will see things that I love there. You will see clothes, shoes, music, inspirations, pictures, items that celebrate and help you to see that we don't wear Tent Dresses anymore. We are not a piece of meat to look down upon. NO, WE ARE WOMEN OF STANDARD.

We are Mothers, Grandmothers, Great Grandmothers, Young women who value and appreciate the body that God gave us. He made us all come in all shapes and sizes and we will not any longer be put down for not being SKINNY. No God didn't make any junk, Maybe some Junk in my trunk, in a humorous way. I love the curves that he has given me and I will stand up and speak about it.

My Group is over 1000 members already. I know that a lot of men have requested to join, but it was really created for women. I stress that it was not for men because it is not a dating site and so I have set up rules to join the group. If you are looking for a date then this is the wrong group. We are not a piece of meat but valuable women.

Help me celebrate women of substance. If you are a woman who isn't skinny and feel like you are being discriminated against because of your size, then please join my group. You are welcomed here.

To my group members, this is the first post on my Website about the new group. It is growing very fast but please know that I delete and block people that curse and look at women as sex items. We are not sex items, we are God's Creation. Learn to respect us and complement us or leave the group. It's not about a number but Character. Women you don't have to twerk and take off all of your clothes to be noticed. Fix yourself up and be the woman that God created you to become.

Thank you for supporting what I do. It is my goal to spread love to all those who are rejected just for being what God created them to be. Human!!!! #MrsDonna Always Keeping It Real.

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