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Live Your Life

Live Your Life. So many times we are comparing ourselves with others. Watching the television constantly, looking at the latest magazine, and trying hard to follow every new clothing trend in the world. Sometimes trying to keep up with everything that is going on in the world instead of just Living Your Life, can become overwhelming.

In order to become your Authentic Self, you have to take inventory of YOU! What makes you happy? What brings you joy and peace of mind? Are you really happy with your partner? Is that the job that you always wanted? Are you at peace with yourself?

I'm finding out that in order to become my truest Self, I must make sure that I am Living My Life and not living for what others expect of me. I must know my purpose and be about my Father's Business.

Finding time daily to relax. Taking time to smell the roses. Reading your favorite book. Going for a walk. Wearing something comfortable. Just being you and working on what makes you smile, laugh and have contentment. The more I get to know myself, I find out that I love the Real Me. I love what God has and is grooming me into. A Beautiful Flower.

Live Your Life is about loving you from the inside out. Not making your choices based on the world but based on what makes you complete as a person. What makes me complete is my relationship with Jesus Christ. He brings me complete joy. Encouraging others and spreading love makes me giggle down on the inside.

What makes me miserable is not being myself. Living for what someone else wants me to do or become. If it doesn't make you happy then don't do it. One thing that the Lord taught me is to Learn how to say NO and not feel guilty about it. Be Yourself. Do what brings you joy.

I love to write what I feel. I love to laugh. I love the parks. I love nature. I love to look at a beautiful sky. See birds flying and hear them sing in the morning. I love to see a beautiful sun set. Seeing God's world and what he has created makes me happy. I love having a peace of mind. I don't like gossip, backbiting, slandering my neighbor, or putting others down. I love helping the poor and needy. I love to see someone who is down get back up.

What moves me is seeing someone who was lost become found. Who once was blind but now they see. Who was once controlled by a spouse now become free from that bondage that was a yoke around their neck. Freedom is grand. Peace of mind is priceless and being in Love with Jesus Christ is my Ultimate Joy.

Find out what makes you happy and start doing it. Stop wasting time on trying to live up to Worlds standards of who you should be. How you should act or what you should wear and what to eat. Just Live, Laugh and Love. Let the Lord lead, guide and direct your footsteps. Don't be so hard on yourself. If you make a mistake, get back up again. Ask the Lord to forgive you and forgive yourself and keep it moving. Don't regret being alive but never accomplishing anything that you always wanted to do.

Some of the best things in life are free. Seek peace and pursue it. Laugh more. Sing more. Dance around. Just Move. God is love and he wants us to experience the abundant life of Christ and live. Live Your Life, but live it with purpose. Stop watching too much television and find out what really makes you happy down on the inside and start doing it.

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Melanie Robinson
Melanie Robinson
Apr 10, 2021


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