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Movement is Good

I will be age 61 on June 8th, which is about 2 weeks away from today. I am learning more about my body. I know for sure that as you get older, your metabolism slows down much more, and in order to burn calories properly, I have to move my body more. Movement is Good. Movement helps my circulatory system work much better and definitely helps with muscle tissue growth as I grow older.

Like an Antique Car, my body slows down somewhat, but in order to make it more fuel efficient, I must move my body more, and make better food choices to help it to become it's best. Walking I'm finding is about the best exercise on the market, and it is free. Riding my stationary bike is also a great cardio, because I own 2 of them, and need to utilize them much more.

This is my Stationary Bike. I am back to riding it because it is only one of my best friends for my body when I use it not just look at it. I have several exercise things in my exercise room, but they don't mean a thing if I don't use them. My muscles can't grow properly if I don't move my body more. I have to do that even more at my job since it is a job where I sit a lot.

A Woman of many looks, I am, but I want to be in better shape, which means I have to do more cardio, and to eat more fruits and vegetables. I am in love with broccoli and greens which I adore, but I also must eat much less sweets and not a lot of carbs unless it's in the form of whole grains, and multi grain foods which are good for the body. I am not interested in the Keto Plan because I know that carbs are good and fruit as well if you don't over do it with them. Moderation is the key as long as you can try to burn some of those calories.

I have faced the fact that I will be a Plus Size Woman always by choice, and I love being a Full Figured Woman that I am but I can also Move My Body more for better Optimal Health as we all should. God made this body just for me, and I don't have to be thin. I used to be but always wanted to be a Voluptuous Woman and that I am now. But I do know that Exercise must be a part of my daily life.

These are just a few of my Grandchildren. I have 17 of them and almost 2 Great Grandchildren. My Granddaughter is pregnant with the second one. I am truly blessed already but to continue to watch them grow up event the more, I must put in practice that MOVEMENT IS GOOD. #MrsDonna keeping it real on the Health Tip. God bless you.

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