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Part 4 Matrimony

When you are always arguing and fighting in a marriage, there is usually some past problems that haven't been resolved and the argument isn't always even about what you are even talking about but about what is really still eating at you. Past Demons.

We love, we fuss, we fight and then make up. Always saying that I am SORRY, but sometimes you say sorry only because you got caught in whatever it is that you were doing against the marriage. Sorry sometimes doesn't mean anything if your not willing to fix the problem of you being sorry.

When you continue the bad behavior and or the habit that you usually brought into the marriage, this can become a grounds for a divorce, and or separation. I know fully well that it is very important to deal with the fact that if you haven't gotten counseling or have been real with your partner about your past and get it resolved it will always surface when something doesn't go your way in the marriage.

This is the time that we need to turn to the Lord, your Pastor, Counselor or Spiritual Advisor to help you sort out the Demons of your past. Don't bring infidelity into your marriage. Don't keep collecting numbers or still acting like you are single if you are married because these are signs that you are heading for divorce court.

If you love the person that you are married to then you need to act like it. Keep the Lord in your marriage, read the bible together, pray together. A family that prays together stays together. Leave the past in the past, Treat your partner the way that you want to be treated. Love one another as Christ loves you.

The Devil comes to kill, steal, and to destroy marriages. He hates to see families work together and stay together. He hates to see you take your problems to the Lord. He always wants your marriage to end in Divorce. Fight for your marriage and don't be so easily to give up because perfect marriages usually don't exist.

There are so many, many more issues that were in my marriage that I could talk about, but I am going to stop because hubby doesn't want me to tell it all, but what I will tell you is that we have prayed and are working together to make this marriage what God intends for it to be. Yes we may have a little rough edges to still iron out, because when you start lacking trust in your marriage, it is hard to believe anything that comes out of their mouth except it be the truth, and only the Lord knows whether you are still being faithful or still living a lie or a double life, trying to have the best of both worlds,

Love your spouse, and allow the Lord to heal the hurts in you from the past. Give your marriage and partner to the Lord, and allow Him to lead, guide and direct your marriage. Divorce is an easy way out, but the key is love, and if you still both love each other, then fight for your marriage like you both love each other and give your addictions and issues to the Lord and be sincere enough to allow him to heal you from the inside out.

Don't allow your flesh to lead your marriage, but the spirit of the Lord. Let Him do the work in you both that will cause you to have a testimony in your marriage of how you have overcame obstacles in the way, and allowed the Lord to fix your broken pieces.

PRAYER-Lord Jesus I am asking that you deal with spouses about the importance of keeping you first in the marriage. Help us to cast all of our cares upon you. Fix every broken piece that is in us to cause problems to surface in the marriage. Cause us to be a light in our marriage that others may see your Love in us. Cause us not to be led into temptations but to be rooted and grounded in love. Loving you first and then loving our spouse as you love the church.

We repent from any wrong doing in the marriage and ask you to forgive us and cause us to pray for one another and to treat each other like the vows say. Love one another and forsaken all others. I love you Jesus and know that you know what is best for us all. Marriage is work but if we acknowledge you in all of our ways, you shall direct our pathway. We submit our marriage to you Lord Jesus and know and believe that you will perfect those things which concern us, for the battle is not ours to fight but the battle belongs to the Lord, Amen. Let Jesus Christ reign in your marriage and not your flesh. I plead the blood of Jesus Christ over every dead situation in your marriage and ask that the Lord delivers you from all works of bondage. It will in Jesus name become a Successful Marriage, Believe it.

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