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Prayer is essential for personal salvation. Prayer changes circumstances. Prayer is definitely a powerful too. When I wake up each morning, I try to immediately Thank the Lord for another day that He has allowed me to see. Thank you for my life, health and strength. Lord help me to be what you desire for me to be.

Last night I had a Powerful Prayer Time with the Lord. One of those Mid Night Hour Prayers when everyone is sleep. That Quiet Time. First Forgive me if I have said or done anything wrong that was not pleasing in your sight. Search my heart and remove everything out that is not like you. Create in me a clean heart O Lord, and renew a right spirit within me.

I speak healing in every area of my body, from the crown of my head to the very soles of my feet. Let your blood cover every member of my body. Purify and cleanse everything out that doesn't belong in this temple that you created. God you wish above ALL THINGS that I might have life and have it more abundantly.

I speak that I shall live and not die and declare the works of the Lord. I am fearfully and wonderfully made by you dear Lord Jesus Christ. For you are my Rock. You are my healer and way maker. You are a very present help in times of trouble. You promised to never leave me, neither forsake me, but you shall be with me always even unto the ends of the earth.

You are not slack concerning your promises to me, for they are Yes and Amen. I Love you Lord with all of my Heart, Mind, Body, and Soul. Let your word be a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my pathway. You said no good thing will you withhold from those that walk uprightly before you.

Keep me Lord as the Apple of Your Eyes. Keep me close to you. Keep me always protected by you. Always cause Psalm 91 to be a daily part of my Life. For you are my hiding place, y secret place, my best friend whom I can tell everything to. I cherish you Lord Jesus Christ. Like you kept Moses, Enoch, Elijah, David, Daniel and granted Esther Favor, so favor me Lord Jesus Christ.

I adore you and honor you and give you all the praise, glory and honor that is due your name. Keep my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren safe. Save and deliver them all and use them for your glory. I desire for me and my household to be saved and used by you. My offspring. Save Larry and use him for your glory.

No plague shall come nigh my dwelling, and when I call upon you, You shall answer me, you shall be with me and deliver me. With Long Life will you satisfy mw with and show forth your salvation in my life.

Let God arise in your lives daily and let the enemy be scattered. Let God, Let God Arise. Jesus Christ is Lord and He shall reign forever and ever. Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah which is the highest praise unto the Lord, For He is good and His mercies shall endure forever and ever upon my Life.

Thank you Lord for I have much more work to do for you. I shall give you praise due your name and tell of your goodness and how you have helped and still help me to overcome obstacles that may arise. But Let God arise and the enemy shall be scattered every time. May Gods light forever shine upon my pathway and I shall be a delight in His eyes. Not perfect but striving to make Jesus the center of my being.

I LOVE YOU JESUS FOREVER MORE. #MrsDonna #keepingitreal

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