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See It First

SEE IT FIRST- Is looking beyond what you see with your natural eyes and see it done or finished by faith. Whatever the situation is that is bothering you, it can't change if you don't even believe that it will. Know what you want and then go after it or act like a change will come your way.

I see myself healed. I see myself blessed. I see and know that the Lord is perfecting those things which concern me. When problems face us, and they will with us all, we must believe that God will make a way for us or change the circumstance and situation so that it will all work together for your good because you love the Lord.

Trust God. Trust the process. Trust His Timing that He knows just what you are going through and He also knows how to bring you out of that situation with His mighty outstretched hand. Look for the Lord to move mightily on your behalf to make every crooked place straight in your life.

The battle is not yours to fight but it belongs to the Lord. Have Faith over Fear. Trust in God over defeat. No good thing will he withhold from his children. He didn't bring you this far just to see you fail or miserable. He knows how to fix or remove the situation that you are dealing with.

Focus on the Word of God and speak those things that be not as thought it were already done for you. God has not forgotten you. You latter days shall be greater than the past. Know that. Believe it and Receive it by Faith.

Change Is on the way. Hold on.

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