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Sing to the Lord, even if you don't know how to sing. The Lord always gives me a song at any given time and I just love the songs that he gives me. They are always inspiring. I just start singing them and find out that I love singing to the Lord even though I am not a singer. He doesn't care that I carry the tune right, he just loves the fact that I am singing to him.

He is my the love of my life. He is my peace, my sanity, my best friend whom I can tell anything to. He is a Love Song to me which I posted in my book. Jesus Christ makes me feel so special. He doesn't put me down but encourages me that I can do anything but fail. Failure is not an option with the Lord. Always find a way to honor the Lord I talk to him so very much but I like singing those old hymns songs to him because I know that he loves them and I will add or change a songs words to minister to the Lord with what I want to say to him. He is just that kind of friend that sticks closer than any family member.

It doesn't matter how you sound, just try singing a song to the Lord. He loves the praises of his children. I just adore him like that. He has and still is teaching me how to be a LADY. How to become my best self. How to treat and love one another. This in itself makes me wanna sing out and shout out "What A Mighty God I Serve. Angels Bow Before Him, Heaven And Earth Adore Him. What A Mighty God I Serve" See A Song Just Comes To My Mind When I Think Of The Goodness Of Jesus. And All He Has Done For Me. My Soul Cries Out Hallelujah, I Thank God For Saving Me. ANOTHER SONG. I LOVE SINGING TO THE LORD. TRY IT!!!!

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