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Traffic Runs

This happens to me at least once a week or twice. I develop the Traffic Runs. I've eaten my main meal for the day and within an hour no matter where I am at on the road which ends up being at at Traffic Jam or Heavy Traffic. I start to feel my stomach doing the flip flop.

You know when that pain hits your belly like your about to deliver a baby. Pains start shooting and then you start to hear bubbling. well I know in that moment that I have to run to the bathroom to POOP!

One day it was raining so hard and the best I could do to get out of the traffic jam was to pull over into the Shop Rite Grocery Store parking lot and try to use their rest room. First of all it was very hard to find a parking space because it was full. My daughter started laughing because she knew that I had to go bad. She laughed so hard that she started to pee herself because it was so funny to her and when you are laughing out loud and have a weak bladder, then you understand what I am saying.

Anyhow, I soon located a parking space and with this extra layers of FAT I can't possibly really RUN but I try very hard to run into the Grocery Store. When I get inside I ask a Sales Associate, where is the nearest restroom? They told me that it's at the back of the store. I said which way? I started running and the pee first began to leak a little.

I run and run until I hit the restroom and before I could pull my underwear down the diarrhea had already started to come out. I mean there was poop already on my underwear. It felt like the whole insides of me just dropped out into the toilet. When I was finally finished, I had to get some paper towels and add soap to them and wash my underwear the best I could because it looked like baby diarrhea in my undies.

It's so embarrassing to have to run to the restroom but when I have to go I have to go and usually when I have to go the most is when I am in a Traffic Jam where my buns just start RUNNING! This is a true story in the life of Mrs. Donna. Everyone has their embarrassing moments but mine is definitely in the Traffic Jam. I may soon need a depends undergarment, but even at that moment I don't want any POOP IN MY UNDERWEAR!

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