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Please click on the Video Button on my Website Blog and watch some of my almost 700 video clips. You will find all kinds of subjects and topics about me and my family and what I'm all about. I can't do too many videos on this website, so in order for you to see me Live a lot, please click onto my Youtube Videos and scroll and watch the ones you like most that are all titled.

You can view how I make my protein shakes, cook foods, chat with my grandchildren, hubby, relationship topics, church, vacation time, Sex Topics, Driving around the city, Brandywine Park, the ducks, My many restaurants I visit, the foods I love, what turns #MrsDonna on or off. Click on my Video Section of my Website and find out. Also please share any post or video with your family or friends so that more people can view and get familiar with my Website,

MY Youtube Channel Subscription Id is Donna Hall8117 if you want to subscribe and watch on the Youtube Channel itself and leave a comment so that I can know who you are and follow you as well. I love interacting with my family, friends, and fans so please sign up on my Website Blog by scrolling down any post and click comment and it will direct you to sign up by leaving your email address so that you can be notified every time I post a new Post.

You will also get Banners, and special Award Stickers and Gadgets for being a Top Member of my Site. Also don't forget that this is my Ministry and my life to help as many people as possible, so if you would be so kind as to donate any dollar amount or help me by purchasing my book. Laughter in the rain which is very inspirational and uplifting, please click on that book link at the bottom of every post and you can preview it on or for autographed copies from me you can inbox me and cashapp me. The book is 20.00 for autographed copies and 5.00 for shipping and handling through USPS, United States Postal Service and you will receive a tracking number starting exactly when your book will arrive to you since Amazon can't autograph my book for you but the price is 15.99 on that site and to download it onto your cell phone is only 3.99 E-Books.

Since I don't charge for my Website itself, to make this a #1 Website, Please contribute to the progress of my ministry. If you need counseling advice, prayer, or to just chat and learn about me please email me or text my personal cell phone. Thank you all so very much for your support and may you be blessed by reading my Blog and getting to know about me. I love the Lord Jesus Christ and I intend to encourage as many people as I can by sharing my Real Life Stories with you so that you can learn from me how I have overcame and continue to persevere over challenges of everyday life.

With God on your side, All things are possible to him who believes. Love you always. #MrsDonna Always #Keepingitreal with you.

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