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What I Know For Sure

I was born for a purpose. That's what I know for sure. Once you learn this information, it is up to you to find out what you were created to do. Life is a School of Learning. Everything that we experience from birth until old age, is a lesson for us to learn from and to teach others about our experiences to help them to persevere and to endure life's challenges.

I have experienced much pain and trauma growing up, and what I have learned is that I don't have control over everything that I have endured, but what I can do is to learn from what I have faced and to ask myself; "Could I have made a better choice or decision"? Or was this lesson out of my control?

As we mature with age, we have to evaluate our choices. Many of us find ourselves walking down the wrong path. We tend to act out our feelings based on what people say or do to us. If it is a negative thing that was done to us, we at times tend to act out in various ways to either try to prove a point to them or even set out to seek revenge.

Life isn't always fair, but what we must do is to learn from our experiences and to teach others how to make wiser choices and decisions, especially if we can control what we want to do with our lives. A Powerful tool is to Pray. Pray. Pray. Seek guidance from the Lord, from someone who is All So Wise and can direct you down the right pathway.

Knowledge is Power. Learn. Learn. Learn. When you learn, you can begin to change the very coarse of your life. Even if you went down the wrong path or had a hard childhood doesn't mean that you have to stay down forever. Get Back Up Again! Shake yourself Loose from your past and move forward. Learn from your past but don't live in your past.

Grow in Wisdom. Learn. Teach. Grow. Repeat!!! Grow in Wisdom. Learn. Teach. Grow. Teach. Make better choices that will push you into the right direction based on the knowledge that you have gained. The Elderly can teach you as well about what they have overcame and to advise you to make wiser choices, and then you make a better life for yourself and your children or family.

Learn all that you can. Read, and Study often. Let Wisdom become your friend. You don't have to go to a real school to learn. You can read books on a subject that you know that you need to learn more about. Watch Youtube which has many examples of a situation that you may face or need more knowledge about. Education is Grand. Learn. Learn. Learn. Apply what you have learned and then teach it to others, especially your children, and family.

Become a Winner. Winners Never Quit. Know that your purpose in life is to learn from your past, grow from it, and then teach what you have learned. BUT NEVER BE A SLAVE TO YOUR PAST!!! Grow in Wisdom. Grow in Grace. Grow in Faith. It is up to you to take back everything that the enemy and life has stolen from you. It is your choice. Choose Wisely. Learn and then Teach. You are worth it!!

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1 Comment

Melanie Robinson
Melanie Robinson
Jan 30, 2022

I love this! I will learn and grow. I will teach what I know. I am a winner 🙏🏽

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