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Dreamed Last Night

October 1st at Bed-Time, I went to bed late. Around 1:30 am. It's the weekend, and that means that I don't have to get up early, so that's when I tend to stay up late.

I remember dreaming about BUILDING. I mean literally building something brick by brick to accomplish the beginnings of a whole house, so it seemed. I had some help of course. It was like the things that I wanted to do is finally being accomplished and it showed up in how this house was coming along.

The dream had many parts to it. I remember being outside and saw a 3rd car that I secretly wanted. An SUV VAN to be exact. It was beautiful. It was like the things that I desired were slowly coming to pass. Like the Lord really cared about what I desired and wanted out of my life.

The dream changed in parts, and I remember being in a community and I was cleaning. It wasn't my neighborhood but a different one because the people had said that you don't live here but yet you are here cleaning up our community. I was sweeping up trash and trying to help beautify the community or world step by step.

Then the dream switched back to my house, and I remember that I had beautiful things in it and as these bricks were being built, things started to happen with building a relationship with people all over the world to the point that we were even going to start a plan to meet some of them twice a month to chat and have fun.

I was so excited in my dream because a lot of these things are really in my heart to do in real life. Build. Build. Build. I thank the Lord for this dream because it is letting me know that I am on the right track.

DREAMS really do come true when you focus on your goals and dreams and work on building them one step at a time until they become a reality. Thank you Jesus for allowing me to focus on what matters most. #MrsDonna

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