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Dreamed Last Night

October 1st at Bed-Time, I went to bed late. Around 1:30 am. It's the weekend, and that means that I don't have to get up early, so that's when I tend to stay up late.

I remember dreaming about BUILDING. I mean literally building something brick by brick to accomplish the beginnings of a whole house, so it seemed. I had some help of course. It was like the things that I wanted to do is finally being accomplished and it showed up in how this house was coming along.

The dream had many parts to it. I remember being outside and saw a 3rd car that I secretly wanted. An SUV VAN to be exact. It was beautiful. It was like the things that I desired were slowly coming to pass. Like the Lord really cared about what I desired and wanted out of my life.

The dream changed in parts, and I remember being in a community and I was cleaning. It wasn't my neighborhood but a different one because the people had said that you don't live here but yet you are here cleaning up our community. I was sweeping up trash and trying to help beautify the community or world step by step.

Then the dream switched back to my house, and I remember that I had beautiful things in it and as these bricks were being built, things started to happen with building a relationship with people all over the world to the point that we were even going to start a plan to meet some of them twice a month to chat and have fun.

I was so excited in my dream because a lot of these things are really in my heart to do in real life. Build. Build. Build. I thank the Lord for this dream because it is letting me know that I am on the right track.

DREAMS really do come true when you focus on your goals and dreams and work on building them one step at a time until they become a reality. Thank you Jesus for allowing me to focus on what matters most. #MrsDonna

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Build build build. I was just playing a game and tour words inspired me to reach out to Jesus again. I have put him aside for so long. Yet now in my hour of need I'm embarrassed to ask for healing for a woman so special to me. Where do I begin but to ask for forgiveness and move on and through God's words and your encouragement life is a Lil breathable. Three days in im feeling smiley... God is So good...Blessing my dear new friend Esther... aka kneadbread RS

Dec 16, 2021
Replying to

God has not forgotten about you. Reach out and touch his hand now. He is waiting for you. Also a row down the bottom of any post and click on my Inspirational Book called Laughter in the rain by Donna L Hall and purchase it. It will literally bless your life from the inside out. Keep in touch with me. #MrsDonna

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