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Half Loaf Man

He is so charming, so handsome, so well dressed and appears to be the man of your dreams. But underneath all of that Swag is a Half Loaf man. He pretends to be a Man of God and got his act together. He knows that you are a Mature Woman of God and you have been seeking the Lord for a long time for a God-Fearing Man. You feel that your biological clock is just about ticked out and you've almost given up on Men because there are just not many God fearing men left. always playing games.

Your so caught up in your clock running out that you wanna rush engagement and the wedding date with him but he on the other hand ain't really all that you prayed for spiritually. You see Mr. Half Loaf Man has everything going well for him but his spiritual life. He seems okay because he comes to church but his heart is far from it. He is playing a game with you because he can spot the God qualities in you but he can't commit to being sold out to the Lord.

Settling for less is what a lot of women do even though they want the right man. They just are tired of the waiting process, whether it be wanting children before it's too late or feel like your getting older and just want the Half Loaf Man because he is better than No Loaf. It's your choice ladies, but being with an Authentic Christian Man is more powerful than the one that is being religious just to please you.

His heart ain't into the things of God, but he does care about you. The question then becomes, do you wanna settle for less than you really deserve because you feel that your time is running out or do you wanna wait on the Lord for the Complete Man. Remember it's your choice.

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Melanie Robinson
Melanie Robinson

I love this! Half loaf man! Love the title too🤣 #Keepingitreal

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