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Listen To God's Voice

From the moment you wake up, thank the Lord for a brand new day, and begin to listen to the Lords promptings from your spirit man for your daily life. Meditate on His word. Read his word and commune with him. He wants to have a relationship with you daily. A Personal Relationship.

He adores you. He made you in his own image. He knows just wants best for you. Learn to Listen to his voice daily. NO he may not speak in an audible voice but you can hear him in your inner man. Your Spirit. Let the Lord lead, guide and direct your footsteps daily.

His Love for you is Eternal. Never ever doubt God's love for you. It is a Personal Relationship, therefore, you must communicate with him daily and listen to what he has to say to you. The word of God is your personal roadmap to follow. Read the Bible daily.

Let everything that has breath, praise ye the Lord. He loves you. Praise him and follow his word and you will begin to hear from him daily. He is waiting to talk to you. Remember it is a Relationship.

Let the rays of God's light shine brightly in you and through you daily. Have a blessed day on purpose. #MrsDonna loves you.

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Melanie Robinson
Melanie Robinson
May 01, 2021


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