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Part 2 Matrimony

Read Part 1 of Matrimony before you read this continuation. As I was saying in Part 1, sex can be a problem if your flesh is weak when it comes to waiting for marriage. Sometimes you don't want to wait if it has already been a long time, and you either hurry the date of marriage or just keep fornicating in the mean time, I didn't want the fornication part because I knew that it was wrong, but since I was the aggressive one in the relationship, it was I who was pursuing the RUSH!

I can truly say that I loved my partner before the marriage very much, but we didn't have all of our ducks in order first, or at least he didn't but for the reason of sex, I kind of rushed the due date of the marriage by planning my entire wedding with only 2 months to get the whole job done, which included the reception as well as paying for everything.

But this is not about the wedding planning, but about the importance of making sure that your timing is right before you get married, or make sure that you are marrying the person for the right reasons. Many church folk rush into marriage because they don't want to disappoint the Lord by committing fornication but at the same time they maybe rushing the process and not fully prepared for marriage itself.

Did we really understand the for better or for worse? The richer or for poorer? The sickness and in health part? The love, honor and cherish each other? Oh the Forsaking All Other Part? You do know that when you get married you are not suppose to be still collecting numbers from the opposite sex still. That part should of stayed in your singleness.

But when you sometimes rush into marriage, and you are not thinking about the FULL COMMITMENT PART then things will surface in the marriage. I was prepared for the sex part of the marriage and wasn't about to cheat on my partner, but he on the other hand didn't fully understand the whole part about transitioning from being single to marriage and thought that he could still call his female friends, when some of them weren't respecting the marriage vows. or was he even respecting them. You know, forsaking all others part!

Challenges, challenges and problems surface when you marry too quickly and don;t dig deep enough into the partners past to find out if they are really fully ready for marriage, even though they could love you, but not fully let go of their past issues. Will talk about this in Part 3 of Matrimony.. Stay Tuned. This is a True Story!!!

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