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Merry Christmas with plenty of gifts under the tree and a happy family and food isn't reality to so many families in America and abroad. Since the Corona Virus and before, many people have lost their jobs including myself, and struggle to pay rent, bills, car payment, insurance, and keep food on the table.

Some people are just plain POOR. If we all would give cans of vegetables or really check on our neighbors to see if they need anything and you are able to provide in someway, then that would be what the Lord would want us to do for Christmas instead of worrying about how many gifts you can get put under the Tree.

So many people are sleeping in their cars because they can't afford to pay rent anymore. This is Real. If we really display Christs love then let us act like what the bible says that we should love one another through acts of kindness. Charity is greater than Faith in the Bible. True Love shows. I'm just keeping it real.

I personally took in a homeless man into my home for 2 years recently to help him to not die in the woods, even though, we were in need ourselves, we couldn't see that person die and we had means to help with a roof over their head. God blesses those who try to show real love. Talk Is Cheap. Let Us Practice what we preach.

I've been home on Furlough since March 23rd 2020. Unemployment has run out and my hubby even has to apply for unemployment temporarily because someone tested positive of the Corona Virus at his job. He had to get tested and thank God it just came back negative. Because he works around children, they had to close down the job for 14 day quarantine without pay, which hurts when I myself is unemployed.

If you see a need to help please do so through this site below paypal or through my CashApp $Donnalhall my id. Or by purchasing my book you can click on or for an autographed copy through CashApp. You can leave a message on my email or Call and leave a message on my cell phone 302 358-5061 Thank you and may the Lord bless you for your kindness.

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