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Vaccination Shots

I have finally gotten my first vaccination shot. It took me a while to get one because I wasn't sure of the safety of getting a shot. I waited until I knew people and saw people especially in my family who got the shot and I saw how they were affected by it. When my own mother, my brothers, sister, and mother n law got it and they were okay, then I made up my own mind for me and my hubby to go and get our shot.

It's your choice whether or not to receive the shot. I prayed before I got it and asked the Lord to allow the shot to only do what it was intended to do and everything else fail in Jesus Christ name. Sort of like praying over your food. I believe and receive God's blessings. Faith is what moves God. I believe that I and my hubby will be safe and protected.

Use your own judgement, but pray before you make a choice. Wisdom is the key. I will soon be age 60 on June 8th and I need to make wise decisions when it comes to my health and spiritual well being. I thank you Jesus for leading, guiding and directing my footsteps. You are my very present help in times of trouble. You are my banner and you fight for me and will only do what is best for me. I Trust You Lord. You shall never fail me.

Trust God. Make the right choice. God bless you all. #MrsDonna

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