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Natural Hair

Working on my Natural Hair to get it to grow better as I get older. I am age 59 now and my top hair is getting thinner so I am using different hair care products to add volume back and thickness. It is a process.

I also like my Afros because it is a low maintenance hair style for natural hair care. I use very little products on my hair for this style. I always allow my hair to air dry, not using a blow dryer because it drys my hair out more.

Sometimes I use a scarf to wrap my hair if it is being treated underneath and I don't wish to show the hairstyle. I really love scarves and hats as well as wigs. Change is good I believe.

I love to pull my hair back in a ponytail because I sweat a lot and it is just so much easier to maintain. I've worn a ponytail for most of my life. My natural hair is curly so water and a little moisturizer will keep it curly but when I want an Afro look I don't use product or just a little hair dressing. Because I sweat a lot, I don't use Bone Straight Styles because It will sweat back in about 2-3 hours. A waste of time at the hair dressers.

You can see how the top of my hair is thinner. I am working on it to get it to get a little fuller. It does grow but not full. I have already gone through Menopause and I am about sure that this along with getting older plays a role in hair breakage just like in men as well. They go bald.

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