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Jesus is my Best Friend

Nobody moves me like God. He is my everything. He is my King. My Lord. The answer to all my prayers.

I need God to be in my Mind, Body and Soul. I had a talk with the Lord around 2:00 am. I talked to him like he was and is my best friend about everything that bothers me as a woman. He is the one person that I can truly trust.

I know that I am not perfect, but believe that God is perfecting those things which concern me. He is making every crooked place straight. I owe the Lord my whole heart.

Jesus, you are my BEST FRIEND. I need you morning, noon, and night. You are the cure to all that ailes me. Life means nothing to me without you apart of it, Thank you Jesus for being there for me. You are a constant companion. You are my peace. THE PRINCE OF PEACE.

To find me. Type in #MrsDonna on Facebook, Instagram. Youtube. Tictok. X or Twitter. My Brand name. For love tokens. Cashapp Id is #Donnalhall Fan Club Mailbox is 9214 Wilmington, Delaware 19809. My Book is on Laughter in the rain, by Donna L. Hall I appreciate your support.

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