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A Happy Home is making it what you love. It is bringing peace and joy into your living space. Whatever brings you joy and contentment, make sure that you bring that into your happy space.

I enjoyed my Easter Weekend. I celebrated it with bringing my immediate family only over because of the Covic Virus situation still going on. My husband, children, daughters kids and my sister were all over to celebrate Easter with me.

We really had fun, thanking the Lord for allowing us to see another Easter which is about Him. Without the Lord dying on the cross for my sins, life wouldn't have the opportunities that it has for us all now. I thank you Jesus for giving us the opportunity to have life and have it more abundantly.

I also thank you for allowing me to work on projects in my home that brings me joy and allows me to feel comfortable in my home. Decorating and Styling my home the way I like it truly brought me joy this weekend past. My family were very excited at seeing my new project work on my home and felt the love that was shared with them. It's nothing like sharing your happy home with your family and including them in what brings you joy.

Thank you Jesus for blessing me to work on things which help bring me joy. The Lord impressed upon me to start fixing my home up to have things in it that I would love if I had the house that I always wanted. What are some of the things that you would want in it. Start working on that. Faith is believing before it happens.

I started my project and want my home to represent what brings me joy not waiting until I already have a dream home or Cottage, but living in the moment and knowing that Faith unlocks the doors to many blessings. I am excited about what the Lord is doing in my life, and I enjoy sharing it with my family.

Make sure that as you mature and reach closer to Retirement Years, which I am age 59 now, that you acquire that which brings you joy. Of course, the joy of the Lord is my daily strength and also my home and family. I enjoy my grandchildren, and my great granddaughter as well. She is such a blessing and a wonderful great grandbaby.

The Lord has been mighty good to me and I thank Him for leading and guiding my footsteps. He is my Prince of Peace. Without Him, I am NOTHING. Jesus Christ is my Best Friend and He is My Ultimate Joy. I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter Weekend. In All your ways, acknowledge Christ and He will direct your pathway. No good thing will He withhold from those who walk uprightly before Him. He is the reason for every season and holiday in my life and surroundings.


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