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Sex Ain't Love

Don't allow your private parts to think for you. That is a organ that can get you into a whole lot of trouble. Most young people think with how they feel. I feel a little frisky. I feel like I want some sex. I feel like I need a man or a woman or multiple partners now a days.

Don't be too quick to skip over to a sex partner just because you have urges. Pray and seek the Lord for a mate if you don't have one or just learn self control. You can save yourself a lot of pain if you learn to think with your head instead of with your body parts. I have learned about this the hard way. Being lonely for a mate and settling for somebody that I don't even love but I just want sex and hope that he will stay with me but he usually doesn't. It was only about the sex and usually when it is just about the sex, they will only come back for more sex but no commitment. 

Love Lasts A Lifetime. Lust is just a cheap thrill. What are you willing to settle for is the question? #MrsDonna #Keepingitreal

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