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Experience my Youtube Channels by going to my sites and hitting the Subscribe Button in Red. I am excited about some of the many things that I do as a part of

Many of you may know me from Facebook as Donna Hall and #MrsDonna which is a part of my Brand Name and Logo. Please type in my Hashtag on my many sites. Facebook, Twitter or X now. Instagram. TicTok id is Donnahall32.

I am a well seasoned Great Grandmother. I have 19 grandchildren and 2 Great Grandchildren. I've experienced much of life down through the years. The Good, Bad, and Ugly side of life's experiences. When you go to my Youtube Channels, you will view apart of who I am and what I love most.

My Youtube Channel Donna Hall8117 is about Love, Inspiration and the Foods that I love as well as family and views. My Life. Also I have 2 other youtube channels, which are thelifeofmrsdonnalhall and Grandma Donna's Wisdom Bites. Subscribe to all 3 of my channels to support me and to see what I do.

I appreciate all of you who watch me on my many platforms. If you didn't know that; now you know. Go to Facebook and hit the Follow button to see what it is that I do. Like and Comment and let me know who you are.

The Life of Mrs. Donna is all about just that. I love the Lord Jesus Christ and I enjoy sharing my Life with the world so that I can help many of our youth, who are going to go through many things as well, but with the help of the Lord and seeing what I've experienced; it may save them from some unwanted problems. We should learn in this school of LIFE.

To Also Learn a lot more about me, please check out my Book on Amazon called "Laughter in the rain" by Donna L. Hall. It is very inspirational and it will help you get through many of Life's challenges and show you a way of escape.

May the Lord's peace, love, and blessings follow you. May His Wisdom be your guide which is found in the Word of God. Read the Bible and Learn how to follow Christ Jesus. Thank you for stopping by.


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1 Comment

Melanie Robinson
Melanie Robinson
Dec 26, 2023

Keep going❤️❤️❤️

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