OBESITY is almost like slow suicide when you don't eventually get control over your food habits or whats eating at you on the inside. I at my highest weight of almost 310 pounds know what it feels like and even though I am working on it now, it feels terrible to be MORBID OBESE.

TRAPPED in a body of fat doesn't feel comfortable at all. Don't let nobody tell you that it feels good because it doesn't. You are always out of breath, your thighs rub together so much that your skin gets darker between your thighs. Under your breast have layers of fat.

Your back hurts and it is harder to walk even 2 blocks without feeling winded, especially when you are walking up a flight of steps, it feels horrible. It's hard to find your clothes in stores, especially beautiful clothes, because the clothes that you really want are in smaller clothes sizes. My highest size has been almost size 26. It's hard to even find a bra in a regular store that fits correctly, so you end up having to order online or find Lane Bryant or somewhere that sell big size bras.

Just remember that you are somebody. You are special. You are loved by the almighty God and whatever it has been that caused the weight gain, God can help you with it. Maybe my eating pattern came from being molested. Maybe from a slower metabolism because I ate what I wanted when I was younger and didn't gain an ounce, but what I have found out about me was that sweets were mainly my best friend.

You don't have to be thin to love yourself, but you do have to work on your health so that diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart problems and stroke don't become a huge problem. I want to continue to do Gods will and I want to be around longer to see my all of my 15 grandchildren grow up along with my Great granddaughter grow up.

Food doesn't have to be my friend. Making Smarter Choices in what I eat is the key. Loving begins with loving myself enough to become the best self that I desire to become. Not thin because I used to be thin and didn't like it, but being small enough to be able to walk around and not be out of breath and for my clothes to fit more comfortably.

You will see more and more posts about my weight and health because it is where I am at right now. I am on the right track with the Lords help and I will continue to stay on the right track. One day at a time Lord Jesus, that's all I'm asking you to do. Give me the strength and determination to fight, conquer and win this battle of obesity for I can do all things though Christ Jesus who daily is my strength.

Amen. Amen and Amen #MrsDonna Thelifeofmrsdonna.com #keepingitreal #healthiswealth

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