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Stationary Bike Workout

I am back into swing with my Stationary Bike. As of August 26, 2020 I am at Week 3 Day 2 completed on my cardio workout, which includes 30 minutes on my stationary bike, resistance band workout, arm exercises, and seated leg lifts in a chair. When I'm not riding my Bike, I'm doing my Happy Dance or Walk in place exercise routine to my music in my Woman's Cave Room.

I am a work in progress, but I am pushing forward with God's help to lose some of this body fat. My exercises are geared towards those mainly age 40 and up. Those with health limitations, and even in a wheel chair. Movement is good. No matter what age we are, we can move our arms,legs, and increase our heart rate to rev up our metabolism for Cardiovascular Health and Fitness.

I am very happy to be back on the right track. I will keep you posted on here what I am doing daily hopefully. If you have a laptop, you can go to my Video Section on here and click onto my You tube Channel and subscribe and watch Video Clips of some of my workouts. Subscribe by typing Donna Hall8117 and keep up with what I do. I have over 500 Video Clips for your enjoyment of my life. My World. My Grandchildren, etc.

You can visually also see my workouts by clicking below on my Facebook Page. I daily report what I do on their, as well as positing pictures on my Instagram channel and Twitter Account. @Donna35850 my id even with Periscope TV. Wattpad Apps @Donna35850 where you can see book excerpts.

At the bottom of each page, you will see my Book "Laughter in the rain which is available at the click of the button on Please support my Inspirational Book and Donate at the click of the button to help me expand this Website Blog even the more and show your love if you are inspired in any way by my Posts.

Finally, if you want to talk with me one on one, please email me below by signing up to my page. Click on comment on whatever post you like or heart it and you should see sign up at the upper right side of the page. Thank you all so very much for supporting me in reaching as many people as possible to spread God's love, and my experiences of what He has done in my 59 years of life to inspire the world.

I hope to get a Million Visits on my Website Blog, Do stop by daily and read a different post and comment or just click like or heart it. I love you all with the Love of Christ. #MrsDonna

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