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Watch Sugar and Carbs

Guilty Guilty. Do cut back on too many carbs and sugary foods which is mainly junk food. Pizza, tons of breads, candy bars, chips, sodas and sugar we must cut back on because you can become prone to Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes.

I myself am working on eating less carbs and sugars and including more fruits and vegetables in my diet. I love Salads which are better for you than lots of starchy foods. We have to think on those things which bring a good report to our health as well as spiritual well being.

Prayer: Help Us Lord to watch the foods that we put into our temple. Help us to not yield to the many temptations that are out here for us to indulge in. Help us to limit unhealthy snacks and eat more fruits and vegetables which are loaded with fiber and vitamins for the proper nourishment of our bodies, Thank you Lord for reminding me and the viewers that we are what we eat. Amen.

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Melanie Robinson
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