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Working on #MrsDonna

In the life of MrsDonna, I am still a work in progress.

With having a slower metabolism and going through menopause, it is as if eating 1600-1800 calories a day can put me into weight maintenance or weight gain. I struggle a lot with weight. As you can see I have many looks, I love my Voluptuousness I just want to fine tune my body. Adding Happy Dance exercises and watching my carbs and limiting sugar seems to help some but not cause me to lose a lot of weight unless I keep cutting down more and more on food and I end up having to maintain my weight at 1200.

Because I have been on every diet know to man kind, I choose to stop dieting and start making smarter or wiser food choices. Not giving up totally on what I love but being happy with how I look but making sure that I watch sodium, and drink more water which I am at Day 2 of only drinking water.

When it seems as all the women are fatter in my family and the men are smaller. It reminds me of what Oprah Winfrey's father had said to her about the women in the family. They are all fat. Do you see them, so stop trying to get thin because you were meant to be big. Well I don't think that I am meant to be big necessarily but I also don't want to be small.

I would love to be back down to a size 12/14 which is just about plus size but still having enough booty and curves. I remember when I was small, I prayed hard to the Lord for a long time to cause me to have female body parts, as in not flat chested like I was in High School. I was straight up and down with no curves at all. I prayed for years to be voluptuous and it didn't start happening to me until after I had my last child and I started retaining a little extra chest, hips, and buttocks. So I guess I got what I prayed for eventually.

The thing is now that as I have gotten older the meat just keeps coming like I am being blessed in abundance for my prayer. I guess I just want to be healthier with it which I feel my best when I am eating Salad Works Salads, eating less fried foods and adding more fruits, veggies, grains, sherbet or sorbet and not too much ice cream but I guess Almond milk which I am lactose intolerant.

I embrace the curves that I now have but I am aware that at being age 59 now I have to definitely make wiser food choices. This is a category that really is real talk for me because I love eating but not over eating. I don't eat late at night or binge eat. I 80% of the time don't eat anything after 8:00 pm. So I'm not a food addict but I do love great tasting foods.

My Journey to become my best self is also tied to what I eat as well even though many people eat more than I do. I do wish that I could eat and not have to worry about weight like when I was small but yet I wasn't happy being small either.

I do accept now the fact that I am a Plus Size Woman that wants to be about 50-75 pounds lighter. So continue to follow my Journey on this subject matter as well. I refuse to go on another diet so don't tell me about anymore. I just want to take one day at a time switching some of my foods with healthier ones without using the word diet. I've tried them all.

Prayer: Lord I thank you for keeping me down through the years. Continue to help me in my quest to become my Best Self. Not a Vogue Magazine Cover at age 59, but working more on feeling healthier in the skin that I am in and not apologizing for being overweight, Help me to continue to trust the process and the journey that you have me on because I know that you are perfecting those things which concern me. I am still a work in progress.

To the overweight women and men. Don't give up on yourself. Start off like I am by replacing sodas for water or a healthier drink. Cut back on unhealthy carbs with more nutritious ones. Don't Diet but do make healthier choices and pray about the rest. I don't apologize for liking some sugar but I am willing to cut back on whats not as healthy for me.

Thank you Lord for every person that read this blog post. Help them and us to encourage each other on this fight to become the best self at what God created us to become. We are in this together. And to those that have no weight problem and can eat whatever that you want, tell me your secret because my husband can eat whatever all day and night and not gain an ounce. Of course I was like that at one time but didn't like being small.

Love you all. This is my In the life of Mrs. Donna and I will always keep it real on here, but don't judge me for not being thin but pray for me and join in by encouraging me to continue making healthier food choices without the Keto Diet Plan or Plant Based. I know the diets. I just want to feel my BEST.

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