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The things that #MrsDonna almost hates most is BUGS. I don't wanna see any bugs. I don't want them on me. When I am driving and a bug or fly gets in or around my car I freak out. It's like being in a roach motel. I am fascinated and adore Parks, Rivers, Lakes, and Ponds. But when I get there, I am constantly looking to make sure that no bugs are flying round me or jumping.

Just yesterday, I got into my car and rolled up the window, and I had started the car, and I felt a thump on my head. OMG! What was that? Then I saw this flying bug that had wings with colors all over it and I didn't know what it was or how it got into the car but I immediately put the car back into park, got my pocketbook and ran to my house to get my hubby to come to the car and find that bug and get rid of it or I am not going back to my car again.

My husband came and after looking thoroughly, the bug flew and he even jumped but he got it to fly out of the window. Boy was I unhappy. I'm not sure of the multi purposes of bugs but I sure don't want them on me or in my car or home. I hate camping or any woods nature walk because bugs are everywhere.

Grasshoppers drive me nuts too. One time I was walking and a Grasshopper jumped onto my arm and spit tobacco on it and I ran and acted the fool and I am not a runner. I just am petrified of bugs. Please Lord keep bugs away from me. On another post, I hate mice and rats. Ugh!!!! bye for now darlings.

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