Antique Cars

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

I just love and adore Antique Cars. As far back ass I can remember growing up. I can't explain it but since I wasn't born in that time period I always wanted to see older things, and Antique Cars are apart of what I just adore. You will learn that in the life of Mrs Donna there are so many things that fascinate me. I think that I am a very Interesting Person to get to know.

I believe that this is a 1956 Chevy Classic. Boy, Oh Boy do I love this car. I don't own a Classic Car, but I think that I am a Classic Lady. Just get better with TIME. I am built to last. A lot has been invested in me. God has Greatness inside of me that needs to come out. The World will get to know what makes Mrs Donna Run. Stay Tuned.

Wow! An Older Model Mustang. Yes! I use to own a 1980-1983 Mustang. I've always loved fast running cars with 2 tail pipes. A Dodge Charger, Pontiac Grand Am I owned back in the day. Love me a Corvette. Older cars are built more to last, The newer cars are put together fast and have too many parts. I used to could clean my own spark plugs and give my car a tune up by myself.

Corvettes are Classy Cars. I would be a Classy Lady to just sit down inside one that would fit me. Lol.

Rolls Royce. Enough Said. Just a Classic Classy Car Forever in my eyes.

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