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Dream Big

Dream Big- Know what you want, why you want it, and what your going to do about it. I've always known that I was a Writer from a child. I always wrote down my thoughts and feelings. When I went to school, typing on a typewriter was fascinating to me. My next goal was to learn the keyboard without looking at the words,and then increase my speed little by little which eventually landed me a job at The News Journal Company as a News Paper Advertiser. Boy did I love this job, placing ads into the News Paper daily.

What I learned from this job was that what you focus on can payoff with time and effort. So I kept writing and my church started taking notice and wanted me to read my writings, even though I was shy, but it was much later that I thought to want to write my own book. I wrote an Autobiography of my life which I haven't published yet, but I knew that I had so much to say about life itself. I have experienced so many things that I know can help a lot of people, especially our youth.

If you dwell long enough on negative thinking, then at some point you will become a negative person. You won't have any faith developed inside of you that says that you can achieve that thing that seems impossible for you conquer. I have had many obstacles in my life that I had allowed to take me off focus and off course from some of the goals that I had wanted to achieve in life.

Whether it be a relationship gone wrong, kids not planned or just wasting precious time procrastinating instead of working hard on becoming the best person that you desire to be. Dreaming Big for MrsDonna requires effort and focus on my part. I eventually got my first book published on last year which is viewed at the end of each of these posts. It is called "Laughter in the rain by Donna L. Hall. It is on for all to see, read, and purchase. It is a collaboration of a lot of my writings that I kept writing down that were very thought provoking and inspired change and inspiration.

I would wake up in the middle of the night and have this big dream of something inspiring and I would write it down. I would write about anxiety, stress, loneliness, love, healing, deliverance, church, relationships, elderly and short stories, plays and skits. My mind was very vast with what I had learned and wanted to achieve through the simple pen and paper.

What I plan to do with this Website Blog is to share my Real Life Experiences in story form and picture to cause many to want to become their best self from learning from my past failures, mistakes and fears. I know that I am Gods child. I am a mouthpiece that He is using to cause others to not become a follower but a leader. Use your own brain, have your own ideas and write them down and work on them one at a time.

Don;t allow anyone to tell you that you can't become anything in life. You are not just a product of your environment, but you are an achiever. I am thankful that with each day that I wake up, I know that God called me to be an Encourager, An Evangelist, and to spread Love. You say, How can one spread love. Well if you have been through enough Hell in your life, you will quickly learn what it is that you don't want and want to weed it out of your life and replace it with what you do want. I always wanted to spread Love because I knew what rejection, hatred, loneliness, persecution, bullying, being falsely accused, bitterness, divorce, anxiety all felt like and it wasn't pretty.

Let my Website Blog Heal you from the inside out. Let it bring out the best in you. Let it inspire change and inspiration in your soul daily for the better. To think about your actions and come up with better solutions. I too am still working on shortcomings but what I am not doing is giving up on me. I hope to publish many books, teach exercise for the elderly and handicapped with short or long term disabilities. I know that movement is good even if you have limitations.

I know that I am beautiful even if I still have excess fat on me. I am already good enough. I am already a winner. I must believe in myself. I want to do plays and skits and comedy. I want to inspire many to be an inspiration. My setbacks are becoming my comeback for Victory through Jesus Christ. Things sometimes may look like it ain't moving forward for the better, but believe you me, as long as you stay focused and keep your hands in Gods hands, you can do anything but fail. I am learning from my mistakes but I am not a mistake or failure but an overcomer.

Keep on dreaming big until one day you can look back over your life and say. "Wow!! Look how far the Lord has brought me from. A mighty, mighty, long way when I was sinking deep in sin. He restored my soul and then He turned me around and made me whole, Yes Jesus brought me from a mighty long way, and now I can see Faith coming to life within me believing that what I see doesn't determine my outcome anymore because I am focused on the prize. The Goal. Jesus"

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