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God called me to be an Evangelist at the age of 13. I didn't know at the time what an Evangelist was but I always knew I loved helping and encouraging people even when I was the one who needed encouraging the most.

I remember taking a test in front of a board of Leaders to become a Missionary at first. I was very nervous speaking in the Pulpit in front of the congregation and these already seasoned leaders. Jesus has been there for me my entire life. Through the ups and downs and life's disappointments He has been my hiding place.

I love to give the word of God in skit form. As you can see I use pictures to mainly describe what I am saying so people can easily understand the message. I can show you just as good as I can tell you how good God is. On this Website Blog, I am an Author, Inspirational Writer, Encourager, and of course an Evangelist. I also display some Comedy. I love to Laugh because it is a dose of medicine for me.

I prefer to be an encourager and to show and express love. An Encourager has a genuine heart for people. Encouragers demonstrate a real and loving concern for people. A good listener, and trying to set a good example for others to follow.

I am not perfect. I am still a work in progress myself, but I feel that it is my duty to share my real life experiences with the world to help as many people as I can come to know the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Love is what saved me. Love is what dwells in my veins. If it had not been for the Lord on my side, I don't know where I would be.

As you follow my Blog. You will discover the humorous side of me a lot. I love Comedy. A lot of the stories that I write about some may seem funny but yet true. I love to talk about the issues that bother so many. Relationships, Divorce, Insecurities, Rejection, Hurting, Pain, Anxiety, Stress, Heart Palpitations, Obesity, Food, Laughter, Herbs, Gods Word, The Elderly, The Youth, Addictions, What makes me happy, and what makes me sad.

I will share about my grandchildren that I love, my family heritage and tree. You will learn that I am a wonderful person to get to know, just like a family member. I would love to be a Spiritual Mother too as I am already a Mother, Grand Mother, and Great Grand Mother. I just adore all of God's Children. All He wants us to do is to lean and depend on Him. Trust Him, and Learn from the Mistakes that we make so that we can help others along the way.

I appreciate everyone that supports my Blog. Please feel free to donate and help my Ministry Grow. I will be Retiring from work and I can use all of the support that I can get. I love you all in Jesus Christ name. Amen. #MrsDonna

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