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Learning How To Play Keyboard

I purchased a 76 Key Yamaha Keyboard which I love. I am learning how to play it of course. It is beautiful. I believe that music is apart of my DNA. I've always loved to listen to instrumental type music which would be considered JAZZ. I never have to hear words to appreciate The Sound Of Music.

It doesn't matter that I've waited all these years later to purchase something that I love; the main thing is that it's never too late to fulfill a passion that's burning down on the inside of you. My father, and grandfather played the guitar very well, and it was my father who tried to teach it to me, but I didn't take enough time with practice as a kid of only about 7 or 8. I loved music but wanted to still play outside with the kids.

The Keyboard and Piano was just an inner feeling that I had but I would never do anything about it. I thought about taking piano lessons, but never pursued my longing. Now that I am age 59, I decided to purchase a piano and a guitar.

I will be sharing with you my progress that I am making. I just learned the A,B,C,D,E,F,G Cords and where they are located on the keyboard. This is the beginning steps of the Keyboard, learning what the keys mean and now how to position my hands properly on the keyboard to learn the most basic of a song or tune. As they say "Practice Makes Perfect" Well time will tell the real story with Mrs Donna. Stay Tuned.

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