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Morning Time

Morning Time for me is when I first open my eyes and begin to see a little sunlight coming forth in my bedroom window. When I wake up each morning, I usually say "Good Morning to Jesus" and I thank Him for yet another beautiful day that He has allowed me to see. Another opportunity to say something positive to someone to make a difference in the world.

It is a good idea to have a plan for each day, especially if you have a project or plan to work on. I usually get cleaned up first, then go on Facebook, Twitter, and my messenger with family and friends and leave a positive word or a scripture. Even my games that are om my cell phone, those people get a word of encouragement, even if I just say "Have a blessed day on purpose in Jesus Christ name. It is setting the atmosphere for a Great Day Ahead.

You can determine how you want your day to go. Purpose to have a good day. Don't fill your morning with negativity. Leave dramatic people alone. Pray, read the bible, work on important projects, work, but just make it a blessed day.

God has so much in store for me to do that I don't have time anymore to be wasting a lot of precious time. I must work the works of Him who has sent me while it is yet day, for there will come a time when no man will be able to work. I must be about my Fathers business.

Morning Time is precious to me because somebody didn't wake up. I've been given another opportunity to do the right thing, make the right choices and yield not to the many temptations that are out in the world for us all. Set your affections on things that bring Glory to God. Those things that are good.

I visit my grandchildren, drive to the park, get me a salad, and just relax. No time for Drama or being around dramatic people. I try to keep calm and keep my surroundings that way. So a man thinks in his heart so is he. Let the Lord lead, guide and direct your footsteps. For a good man's steps are ordered by the Lord.

Don't look for mischief because you will find it. Find out what your purpose is for your life and start working on it. Have a blessed day on purpose. In all of your ways acknowledge the Lord and He will direct your pathway. No good thing will He withhold from them that Walk Uprightly before Him.

I trust that you got something positive out of reading this post. Leave a comment or just click like. Also sign up to be my friend on my site by adding your email address. I look forward to seeing you here. God be with you all. Amen. #MrsDonna

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