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Reducing My Sugar Addiction Intake

I am cutting back on sugar because it has been an addiction. cakes, cookies, pies, donuts, sodas, etc; are all sugary stuff that aren't good for my health consuming continuously. So I have decided little by little since I have just started on August 26, 2020 to cut back on sugar a lot buy making oatmeal with nuts and fruit, homemade protein shakes, frozen banana treats, anything to avoid cakes, especially cheesecake and concentrate more on eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, grains, oats, nuts, beans, sweet potatoes, leaner meats, and less sugary products.

Maybe not cold turkey but I will cut down more than 50% which is a good start and this is my 3rd week exercising. I am happy with working on my health at age 59, This is apart of Keeping it all real on my Website Blog. Please follow and support me here. Thank you all. #MrsDonna #Keepingitreal

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