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Rest Is Important

Relaxation is a good thing. I always try to go down to the Brandywine Park and just look at the water, trees, hear the birds singing, the ducks wanting me to feed them, and just meditating.

I just love my quiet time. Peace and Quiet. It's nothing like it to calm your nerves, lower your blood pressure, relieve stress, or just get away from noisy children.

A good body massage is another way to relax and just sooth the nerve endings of the body. I love getting my feet massaged nd my back rubbed. It gets rid of tension.

Another way to relax is to pray and read the word of God. Get into the secret place found in the word. I love to lay across the bed and just think about the goodness of the Lord and all that He has already done for me and I tell you that I begin to feel good all over. He is my Prince of Peace. My Best Friend. A Problem Solver. A Wonderful Counselor.


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