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The credentials and faces of #MrsDonna

I am Somebody: If you type in #MrsDonna as of now, you will come up with 21 Thousand posts under my hashtag which is apart of my Brand Name, along with My Book called "Laughter in the rain" by Donna L. Hall which is on my Website at the bottom of every post like this one, and it is also on

When you click onto my Book, you will see something like this and read what my book is all about.

I am also an Evangelist. I like to display my Credentials so that you will know that I am what I say that I am.

My Evangelist License that I received in July 2003. I was also awarded a Ministerial license prior to this under the Leadership of the Late Pastor Minyon Jackson from Wilmington, Delaware. I had to do a trial sermon, and it was a host of Preachers there who had to judge whether or not my message was good enough for me to get a Ministerial License. I passed the test. I do not know what I did with that copy of it, but the Lord knows that I received it. Along with a certificate of passing an Armor Bearer Class, which is to learn how to Aide a Pastor and cover them.

I am a Mother, Grandmother, Great Grandmother, Wife, Encourager, and Spread God's Love. I have many, many Happy Dance Videos that I do on Facebook, to help people to smile and to know that movement is medicine for the body, and Laughter is as a dose of medicine which I will make you laugh.

If you type on Facebook Stationary Bike Ride, or Videos, you will mainly only come up with my many, many videos of riding my Stationary Bike. I started a New Thing with my bike which you see in this picture. I am as of today, I will be doing Day 59 Straight Stationary Bike Ride for these Hips. hahahaha. I am creating a Discipline for myself by doing some form of cardio daily. 59 days without taking a day off is definitely a start in the right direction with getting my health back in check, along with watching how much I eat, and including fruits, and veggies, grains, fiber, and leaner meats in what I eat. I don't diet anymore, but I try to eat much better. 75/25. Always leaving room for what I like but not as much as eating better.

I now have my own Post Office Box that I recently started for my Fans. It is Donna L Hall. P.O. Box 9269 Wilmington, Delaware 19809 which you can send Cards, Letters, Pictures, Gifts, and mail for Personal Coach Advice from Me. For any Love Gifts or Tokens of Appreciation. Please use my Cash App. My ID is $Donnalhall Also I use it for if you want an Autographed Copy of my Inspirational Book, but you must live in America because the Postage and Handling Charges are High. Send 20,00 for book, and 5.00 for postage and book wrapping package cost.

Thank you so much for all those who support me. I welcome new subscribers daily. Please add also my Youtube Channel which I have on here. Donna Hall8117, and my newest on Thelifeofmrsdonnalhall Add them to help build up my Youtube experience, since I need to work on them more. Please comment, like and Subscribe by adding your email address

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Melanie Robinson
Melanie Robinson

This is awesome mother! Great job on everything you do to motivate others ❤️

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