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WISDOM AND LEARNING is my friend even the more now as I am aging gracefully. I can't seem to get enough of Learning more now, so that I can TEACH others how to overcome many obstacles that come my way. The past hasn't been to kind to me, but what I have learned from my past experiences is to never REPEAT what I have come through that wasn't in my best interest of becoming a WISE WOMAN.

No I have not arrived and there is so much more that I need to learn in this life, but I am on that road to becoming the best person that I can become through educating myself on this school called LIFE and giving back through SPREADING WISE WORDS AND DOING ACTS OF KINDNESS. Sharing and spreading LOVE by helping others to RISE ABOVE THAT WHICH IS SEEN AND HAVE FAITH THAT YOU CAN BECOME MORE THAN A CONQUER BY HAVING FAITH OVER FEAR AND SEEING VICTORY WON EVEN BEFORE IT HAS HAPPENED IN THE NATURAL REALM.

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