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A Happy Wife A Happy Home

A Happy Wife is a Happy Home. What good is a husband with a miserable wife? A husband that doesn't listen to his wife but only wants what he wants is a self-centered husband. Your Actions speak volumes. Who cares about what you say if you don't follow through. It becomes just mere words.

Here Your Wife Men. A marriage is more than a piece of paper. How should you please her other than helping with bills? What makes a good husband so that the wife is satisfied? You can feed her all day. You can talk all day. If you don't listen to what she is asking, then you've missed the whole point.

A man that finds a wife, finds a good thing, but the question is Are you a good thing that she has found as well? If not then you are just going through the motions and not being totally fulfilled. Marriage is what you make it. Self-Centered Men only think about how to please themselves or be pleased but generally neglect to PLEASE THE WIFE. So that doesn't make you a Good Husband at all.

I am a blessed woman. I value those who God has placed in my life to help mentor in some way. Most things that I write about I have experienced myself. That's why this is Website is called You read and You learn about what I have experienced and try to make your life a better life through becoming a better husband to your wife. If not then you are making her miserable.

I have been through marriages, and relationships with men who only cared about pleasing themselves and not the wife, so, therefore, it ended up in the divorce court. I never take people back who had the chance to make me happy. NEXT!!!!

MAKE SURE that the woman that you are chasing after to obtain that when you get here you learn how to keep her. If not your chase was in vain. Enough Said. A HAPPY WIFE IS A HAPPY HOME.

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