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Against All Odds

Though I had many reasons to throw in the towel and quit with my marriage almost from the start, I somehow held on to my Faith in God. I was used to quitting when someone had done me wrong in a relationship. I felt as if patience wasn't enough when you didn't act like you honored the wedding vowels.

BUT!!! After being together now for 12 years, I know that God is real. With everything that has happened, I continued to whether the storm and believe you me it wasn't easy. My Anchor holds and it is a Solid Rock only found in Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior forevermore. If you don't have a strong foundation in the Lord, it becomes even easier to walk away from challenges.

I don't care what comes against you. The battle is not ours to fight, but the battle belongs to the Lord. It took CRAZY FAITH for me not to WALK AWAY from my Marriage and I had every reason to do so, especially under the marriage contract law, and the law of the BIBLE to quit. Just go back to being single yet again, which wasn't so bad, but the Lord somehow made a way out of no way for me to hold on.

Stay in the Race. Never lose hope. Never quit unless God says so. Destiny Wins Every time. I Am A Winner!!!

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