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Updated: Jul 12, 2020

This subject hits home. I was so attached to my father who died at age 42 from Alcoholism. It is a subject that I know is like a Generational Curse in a lot of families. My Father's dad drunk and I saw his mom drinking alcohol too. I'm sure that if I research the family tree of my father that his Grand-Parents and Great-Grandparents probably drunk as well.

Some people casually drink for socialization, but there are many who drink all the time and can't ever seem to put the bottle down. It becomes a breakfast, lunch and dinner thing to do. I remember asking my father around the age of 15 to stop drinking alcohol. He told me that he couldn't just stop drinking and that he loved drinking Gordon's Gin and Vodka. Both were very strong drinks.

In time he developed Cirrhosis of the Liver which I remember the doctor saying that he only had a strand of liver left. It was all ate up and they didn't even know how he was living on that small amount of liver left. Next he developed two forms of Caners. One from drinking alcohol and the other from smoking two packs of Pall Mall cigarettes per day.

His mouth was so ate out that it looked horrible. Almost nothing left in his mouth from the cigarettes. Pall Mall cigarettes have NO FILTER TIP. They just ruined him Oh so bad. I miss my daddy so bad. This is the reason why I use my Real life Stories and In The Life Of Mrs. Donna to teach others and help you to seek help and recover from any forms of addictions and life problems in general which we all have in some form or another.

I'm so glad that my father accepted Jesus Christ as his personal savior before he died. It was a long struggle and fight but in the end Jesus became his Lord and Savior. Alcohol or any addiction stems from pass generational curses and just not able to cope with problems of life itself and so one uses drugs to try to block out life's struggles and problems. Like temporarily trying to forget them. ADDICTIONS ARE REAL!

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