Banquet Accident

I was invited to my sisters job Banquet. It was very formal and very well put together. I picked out a beautiful leopard outfit since that's one of my favorite colors. I then tried to find a good pair of pantie hose to put on but when I pulled then up they didn't come all the way up over my buttocks because I have a big rear end.

So to keep them up, I ended up putting on another pair of underwear over top of the pantie hose to keep them from coming down. That seemed to work very well. So I was off to go to the Banquet with my also nice spiked heel shoes on that matched my leopard outfit. I was in awe at the beautiful decorations at the Banquet. All of the Majors and Employees were there. Everyone was seated at assigned tables. We sat in the middle of it all. Very good seats.

The food was Buffet Style. They called up each table in order so that everyone wouldn't be crowding up at the front all at once. It was well organized. When they called my table in the middle. We went up got beautiful plates to eat on and was asked what we wanted from the foods that we had to select from. I even tried to carry my own drink so my hands were very full.

While going back to my table, I felt something sliding down my legs. I had a hard time looking down because my hands were full with my food. Before I had gotten to my table my underwear had fallen down to my spike heel shoes and they were bright red for everyone to see. I was so embarrassed. How am I going to hide my underwear and continue to walk to the table without anyone seeing what was going on.

My sister had seem what was happening to me and tried to shield my feet but couldn't because she had her food as well carrying it to the table. Well people had begun to notice so I just said I don't care and walked slowly to the table so that I didn't trip over my underwear and drop my food on the floor.

Finally when I arrived at my table, some had already seen my red underwear, and so I just put the plate and cup down and reached down and took off my underwear which was hard because I had to take off my spike high heel shoes first. So I took them off and put them into my pocketbook because where else was I to put them.

That was one of the most embarrassing moments of my life indeed. But I did enjoy myself at the Banquet but I sure didn't enjoy my underwear making a Grand Appearance at the Banquet.

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