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Day 12 Straight Stationary Bike

Riding my Staionary Bike consistently is very important to me. I used to do it and had stopped. What makes me focused is getting up early in the morning before I go to work and ride it. I have to clock in at work at 6:00 AM. That means that I have to wake up around 4:15am and be on my bike by around 5:00am in order to do my 30 minutes on my Bike.

I really am tired when I do this but it is a huge sacrifice for my body. At age 60 I need to work on my health daily. I try to go to Planet Fitness Gym on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays to workout on mainly my Arms, Back, and Stomach. The Calf machine and Seated Leg Press when it is not full.

Sometimes I do skip Saturdays if I am very busy and need rest, but I am very consistent with Tuesday and Thursday and riding my Bike daily. One day at a time Lord Jesus. He gives me the strength to daily work on my Health and Spiritual Well Being. I share with my Followers Daily on Facebook and my many groups what it is that I do in the Life of #MrsDonna. God keeps me strong so that I can encourage as many people as possible to practice Self Love and To Love thy neighbor as thyself.

I am very passionate about my Relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, and I encourage people daily through sharing my daily life experiences of what he means to me. I keep it real because that is who I am. I am age 60 with 16 grandkids and ! great granddaughter. God is my Rock, My Helper, and My very present help in times of trouble.

I hope that I encourage and inspire you to become your best self. Click on #Breakingchainsofbondagetoliberateyou on facebook and #MrsDonna and you can follow me. I love you all very much and the Lord loves you more. I just share my story and spread love in the world. The world needs more love and people in it that love being positive.

I also like my Resistance Band, and I try to do this too after my Bike Ride. The Gym though gives me the most Resistance Strength Training. I go to Planet Fitness Gym in Wilmington, Delaware. Love you all. If you ever wanna be a blessing to me or support me follow me. Or Click on my Book which is attached at bottom of every post. Or for a love gift. CashApp me at $Donnalhall Thank you and may the Lord God bless you real good.

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