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Flee Abusive Relationships

Don't Let nobody hurt you. Mental. Physical Abuse is all Wrong. Flee Them. Seek Help. Love don't hurt or abuse anyone.

My Motto: Don't let nobody steal your joy, peace, laughter, or sanity. You owe it to yourself to love you daily, and allowing somebody to abuse you in anyway is not love at all. Wake up before it's too late. Love yourself enough to let them go.

Love begins with loving you. When you truly love yourself, you won't tolerate anyone disrespecting you in anyway. You deserve God's Best. Don't settle for anything. Believe me, I've been through it and it's no pretty thing being mentally or physically abused in anyway.

Please contact me or write me if you want to vent or talk about it. Donna L. Hall. P.O. Box 9269 Wilmington, Delaware 19809. This is my Fan Club Mail Box. Also if you are encouraged or inspired in anyway. Feel free to be a blessing. Always Cashapp me. My id is $Donnalhall Don't use Paypal because I'm not using it and there is no CashApp donation button. Come back again.

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