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Follow My Progress #MrsDonna

I am making progress daily on my health and spiritual well being. It is a good thing to do so. This is January 2nd 2022 now and I have already lost almost 23 pounds. I am proud of my progress which isn't fast because I am not on a diet, but it is being consistent with a Lifestyle Change in what I eat. I am important and I matter.

Loving Myself is a Beautiful Thing. Loving the Lord and others is a must in order for me to keep growing from the inside out. Daily change must take place for spiritual and natural growth and maturity.

My knees are getting smaller. I have very big knees. Eating smarter is causing changes that I am appreciating. I have rode my Bike 61 days straight and took a small break to vacation for 2 weeks but not vacation from taking care of my health. I matter. I belong to the Lord. He knows what is best for me.

Real Foods that have a Nutrient Value is starting to make sense to me and not consuming as many empty calories. I try to balance it out. Little treats but not much. I now matter and I act like it now. No more excuses for taking care of my health. I am age 60 and will be age 61 on June 8, 2022. I have a weight loss goal in mind that I know that I will reach.

Donna L Hall is my name and Wisdom is She. I love learning as I keep evolving into what God wants from me. I must Learn, Share, and Teach others so that you as well can become your Best Self. God will lead, guide and direct your footsteps if you allow him to do just that.

One day at a time Lord Jesus. Continue to give me the strength to take each day and make the most of it in a positive way to help others as you help me. Love you all in Jesus name. Amen.

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