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I am an Author!!!!

I am an Author, for those of you who don't know that yet. My Book is called "Laughter in the Rain" by Donna L. Hall. It is available on Amazon and Ordering from Me by Requesting a copy from Facebook. My Facebook name is #MrsDonna to find me at any time. Also, Donna Hall is my Facebook name from Wilmington, Delaware. Black Female Age almost 62. June 8th.

You also can contact me at 2 phone numbers. 1-302-358-5061 or 1-302 365-7330 leave a voicemail letting me know that you want a book. I usually send them through USPS Postal Service in America. Autographed Copies I mail out.

My Book is a collaboration of inspirational writings and short stories that I wrote. They come from my heart and are inspired by my life. I have many subjects such as rejection, anxiety, depression, a double-minded mind, letting the master use you, flowing like the river, a love letter to the Lord, etc. Read Excerpts from Amazon.

If you want a download on your cell phone of the book, just go to Amazon and you can purchase a download for only $3.99. To purchase from Amazon, it will cost $15.99. Please support my first published book. I have others that I want to publish, but I need your support.

What I write about as well as talk about is thelifeofmrsdonna as my brand is. If you begin to read my many posts here on my Website, you can get a big idea of how my character is and what I am all about. Spreading God's Love, and Sharing my experiences to help those who are going through many challenges learn from what I have endured.

I am proud to be a Mother, Grandmother, and Great Grandmother as well as a Wife. God called me to be an Evangelist at the Age of 13 when I didn't even know what that meant. He has taught me down through the years, how to walk in the calling of an Evangelist and how to minister to the lost and hurting in this world.

Never give up on yourself. Hold on to what God has promised you. Don't allow anyone to steal your joy, peace, laughter, or sanity because you owe it to yourself to Love you in every way, as well as fall in Love with the Lord as I always say.

Faith is the key that locks the door to many blessings. You have to believe before you see it with your actual eyes. Speak those things that be not, as though it were already done for you. Only Believe that All things are possible. According to your faith, so let it be manifested into the natural realm just for you.

God loves you with Everlasting Love, and His Love never dies, nor fails. Try him and read the Word of God for yourself. I appreciate those who read my Website Blogs. Thank you. Please comment and like them.

Thanks again for your support!!!! Have a blessed day on purpose in Jesus Christ name, Amen!!!

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