Inner Beauty

Everyone is looking for that unique special beauty package on the outside. We want the best body, the perfect skin tone, our favorite hair style, and of course the favorite wardrobe that includes fabulous clothes and shoes.

It's important to look good on the outside, but you may stink on the inside. There are so many that have the best looks and attire that money can buy, but they don't have any peace on the inside. Your life is in total chaos. Don't know which way to go. You keep traveling back to your past for answers for your future.

Living in verbal abusive, or physical abusive relationships. Trying your best to be a people pleaser, by making everyone around you like you, but you have failed because on the inside, you are miserable. You just want out. You desire change and to feel just as beautiful on the inside as you do on the outside. You are living for others but denying yourself of an inner peace.

God wants His children to shine brightly on the inside. Allow His love to flow through you from the inside out and allow His perfect peace to sweep over your soul, mind, body, and spirit man. Stop the madness. Stop the insanity. Stop the loneliness, and lack of stability by running in the arms of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He will make every crooked place straight in your life and give you that inner joy and peace that you long for but feel a void.

Come to me all of you who are burdened by the situation that you see in this world. Those who try to make people, places and things your source of happiness. Come to me and drink of my living water, my living bread. I will keep your mind in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on me. I delight in a people who will serve me and praise me and not put me last on your list of things to do.

I want to renew you like the eagle. I want to mend your broken heart. I want to heal you from the inside out. Put not your faith, trust and hope in man, for they will fail you, but put your trust in the Lord Jesus Christ who wants to be the author and finisher of your faith. Trust me to lead, guide and direct your footsteps. I will not let you fall or fail in life, but I will lead you every step of the way if you would only give that which is burdening you unto me.

Looks can't save you. A relationship can't heal you, and the finest clothes can't fill that void that you have down on the inside. You keep searching for more. You want out of that dead relationship and seek more out of life but you keep doing only what you are limited to do. Try Christ. Try my love for you which will wipe every tear away from your eyes. You can fool people with beauty, but I see your tears late in the midnight hour.

You are not happy with life itself. Don't live a defeated life, but run into the arms of Jesus who can make every way for you out of no way, and put a lasting peace on the inside of you that no amount of money can buy. Seek my face not material gain which will one day perish. Seek the one who can give you eternal life, and eternal peace. I the Lord will love you with an everlasting love and my love for you shall never die and you don't have to go seeking for love in all the wrong places. Seek me and you will find what your looks can never fulfill.

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