I Love You. Love never failed me. Love never hurt me. Where did the failure come from if Love is pure? Our Sin Nature.

When you choose to justify love with sex, lust, and lies, you can start to understand how it really has nothing to do with love but your own sinful ways. How can you say that you truly love someone but can't commit?

Love is an Action Verb. Love Heals. Love saved me. Love Conquers All. The divorce rate is so high because true love was replaced by lust and lies. Nobody can honestly say that it was the love in there heart for there spouse that caused sin. Love can't sin. Love is pure. Love heals.

I Love you because Christ loves me. He gave Himself as a Living Sacrifice. If this world showed pure love for one another, then most of all that is happening negatively wouldn't exist. Children would honor their parents. Husbands would honor their wives. Wives would love their husbands and not seek another.

When Lust is replaced and Love is removed then you can do anything wrong to please the flesh. The flesh will make you do all kinds of things that are false to the true meaning of love. I can't trust my flesh to rule me. I choose to listen to my spirit man instead. For the Lord will lead, guide and direct my footsteps. He loves me so much that He is willing to help me to make the right choices and decisions.

The Lord always makes a way out of no way. He is Love. He is Authentic. He is Lord. He is Holy. He loves me. He will help me to follow after His ways and do the right thing when I could want to do wrong. Sure you can make a mistake but the Lord will help and teach you how to get back on the right track and to learn from that mistake or life misfortune.

Turn to Christ. Turn to the Bible. Turn to someone who can help you to stay on the right pathway. I Love You. #MrsDonna

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