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Mind and Body Drama

You know your getting old when you tell the kids to look for your eye glasses. You search the house from top to bottom and they are looking everywhere. Then finally you by pass the mirror in the bathroom and notice that you are wearing your eye glasses. Well this happened to me for real. Now that was funny and crazy at the same time.

Have you ever been so frustrated with the kids and start calling them everything but their name. Come here Marvin, Melvin, You know your name I meant Brian. Just come here. Ya'll kids getting on my nerves so bad that I can't even say what your name is. So true for me. Lol

Dreaming that you have to pee or urinate and you really have to go so bad that you start to pee in your dream and wake up just to find out that you peed for real. Oops it happened to me before too. Oh My God!

Running to the bathroom because you held your bladder too long and before you get a chance to pull down your underwear the pee just slides down your legs. I guess it's Urge Incontinence. Just wear a Depends or an Undergarment pad.

Walking into the Grocery Store and forgot what you came in there to get. You purchase a few things and when you get back home then you remember what you went there for. You end up having to go back to the grocery store and get what you really came there for.

Pain seems to be your best friend. When you suddenly wake up to run to the bathroom and realize that you can't run at all. Your arthritis is bothering you and you can barely stand but you must make it to the bathroom even if you have to craw to the toilet because the pee is coming or diarrhea and you just can't get your body to cooperate.

Trying to open your front door with a tube of lipstick. True story but I was very sleepy.

Your spouse is in the mood for sex and instead of giving them your body you go and get the icy hot and tell them to rub you down completely because you are in such pain and you got real bad cramps in your groin area. They still want sex even after rubbing you down. They start kissing you and you immediately tell them to go and brush their teeth because their breath is smelling like poop. Then when they return your sound asleep because that's what you wanted in the first place. SLEEP NOT SEX!

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